Le-Vel Logo Decal - Single Color

$25.00 - $35.00
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Show off your business with a custom made window decal.  Customized with your website and phone number or email address.  Please enter your text above (just leave any fields blank that you would like to not include.)  The number of characters per line is limited based upon your specific text entered and may require the text size to be reduced to fit within the decal dimensions.  Dimensions of the various sizes are shown in the example images.   Please measure your vehicle surface area to make sure the decal will fit your application (see size selection guide below).  Total size is approximate and may differ due to the custom text provided.  

Every order is custom designed to your supplied information, not a "cookie cutter" tempate. Within 12 hours of you purchase we will email you your custom designed decal proof.  The emailed proof will allow you to review your supplied information, the final dimensions of the decal, and make any final requests, customization or corrections.  We want to make sure you decal is exactly what you want before production.  Once we receive your approval, we will produce the decal.

Other sizes and special customization available upon request- just ask!  

Our decals are produced using quality, name-brand materials.  Most other websites supplying decals use cheap, off-brand materials that will crack, peel, and fade within a few years.  Our materials are specifically for outdoor, vehicle use.  Each decal order includes an installation kit and detailed instructions- no one else provides these extras!

You get better materials, better designs, and better customer service!

Here are some recommendations for the text on your decal to get the best final product: We recommend removing “www” from the website address. It’s not necessary to include and may require the text size to be reduced on lengthy web addresses. We also recommend NOT using ALL-CAPS. Capital lettering is generally wider and makes the text wider than the alotted space which require a reduction in the text size to make the text to fit in the given area.  Using convential formatting will give you the greatest text height.  Also ALL-CAPS can make the website harder to read. Web addresses with multiple words are easier to read if you capitalize the first letter of each word (ie. YourWebsiteName.com instead of yourwebsitename.com or YOURWEBSITENAME.COM).